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Ireland's Answer to the Gourmet Chef.

Irelands Answer to Celebrity Chefs--Paul and Jeanne Rankin. The Rankins, who ran a restaurant in Belfast called Roscoffs [now Cayenne] and a bakery and have at least two cookbooks: Gourmet Ireland and Gourmet Ireland 2. These chefs emphasize 'fresh local produce'.

Other popular cookbooks are: Those by Darina Allen Avoca Cafe.

Here's a link to some info on their cookbooks:
Global Gourmet


Denominations of the Pound.

Irish banknotes are issued in £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 denominations. The pound (£) is divided into 100 pence (p), and coins are issued in the following denominations: 100p (1 pound), 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p. In the south of Ireland the pound is called the 'punt'.

UPDATE: Since January 2002 the South of Ireland uses the Euro while the North is hanging on to the pound.


Belfast Festival at Queen's.

26 October to 10 November

The Belfast Festival at Queen's University is Northern Ireland's largest festival. Held annually it is always entertaining, educational and well worth supporting.

Stella Hall
Festival Director
Festival House
25 College Gardens
Telephone +44 (0)28 90 667687 / +44 (0)28 90 665577 (Box
Fax +44 (0)28 90 663733
Email festival@qub.ac.uk

Belfast Festival Web Site


Pubs in Dingle.

Dingle, Ireland is just big enough to support 50 pubs and a steady beat of Irish music.


Check your Credit Card Bill!

When paying for anything by Credit Card check you're not paying in Euros (that is – check the sign on the bill – it should be in Irish Punts £IR – until January 2002 when the Euro will be the only legal tender.)


Changing your currency to Irish Punts.

It is better to change your currency into Irish Punts† retailers prefer it. They do take British pounds and American dollars but you could be easily ripped off. Exchange Bureaus can be found at the airport, train stations and in the city center.

UPDATE: Since 1st Jan the Irish punt is no longer the currency used in the south of Ireland - it has been replaced by the Euro. Exchange rate: 1 Euro: .787564 Irish pounds. So - change your currency to Euros when you travel to the south of Ireland.


Traditional pubs in Dublin.

For traditional Irish pubs try Foleys and O'Donoghue's
on Baggot Street.


Experience the 'real' St. Patrick on Slemish Mountain.

Slemish Mountain, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland is the closest you'll get to the ‘real' Patrick. Thousands of pilgrims climb the mountain on St. Paddy's Day every year. If you find yourself in Northern Ireland don't miss the chance to sit on Paddy's chair – you never know – the wish you make there might just come true!


A Pub for Everyone!

At last count, there were approximately 10,500 pubs in Ireland. That comes out to about one pub for every 350 citizens!


City Center Pubs in Belfast.

City center pubs not-to-be-missed in Belfast include The Crown, Robinsons, The Front Page and Dempsey's.


The Crown bar Belfast.

When in Belfast you really should visit The Crown bar – or to give it its official name ‘The Crown Liquor Saloon' – on Great Victoria Street in the city centre. It has a Victorian exterior and a ‘mad' interior and has recently been renovated by the National Trust. It used to be a gin palace! It is an experience not to be missed!


Cork Jazz Festival

The Guinness Jazz Festival is held in Cork annually in October. For more information see:

Cork Jazz Festival


The Abbey Theatre.

The National Theatre of Ireland - the Abbey Theatre is situated in Dublin. To find out what is on currently and get some background about the theatre check out their very professional site:

Abbey Theatre


Ireland of the Silver Screen.

If you are running out to the video store and want to bring home a film about or set in Ireland, this website has an extensive list:

Irish Films

Also provides a list of Irish names.


Beers in Belfast.

Harp, Smithwicks and the world famous Guinness are some of the beers you might sample in Belfast.


Ould Lammas Fair.

The Ould Lammas Fair is held annually in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. The fair originated in the 17th Century, mainly as a cattle and sheep market. Today it is famous for it's 'Dulse' - edible seaweed that has been collected from local shores and dried out and 'Yellow Man' - a yellow candy similar in texture to toffee and tastes of honeycomb. More than 100 stalls sell everything from CDs to local produce.


North West 200

The North West 200 is an annually held motorcycle race that attracts thousands of visitors to the North Coast of Ireland every year. Details:

From 1/5/2003 to 31/5/2003 - Please Note Dates To Be Confirmed For 2003

Address: Portrush, County Antrim
Phone: (028) 77729869
E-Mail: J-Mervyn.Whyte@gbr.dupont.com

Description: An international event, rated as the biggest outdoor sporting attraction in Ireland.
Admission Prices Free


Student Pubs in Belfast.

Visit ‘the Bot' (the Botanic Inn) and ‘the Egg' (Eglantine Inn), both on the Malone Road, Belfast if you want to experience busy student pubs.


Best Coffee in Dublin.

For the best coffee in Dublin visit Bewleys on Grafton Street.


A list of Irish Movies.

A comprehensive selection of movies set in Ireland or those about Ireland can be found at:

Irish Movies


The Burren, Irish Pub and Restaurant.

A Boston Bar named after it's namesake - the Burren - in Co. Clare, Ireland.

Situated in Somerville's Davis Square, Boston.

Contact Info:
The Burren
247 Elm Street, Davis Square
Somerville MA 02144
Phone: (617) 776-6896
Fax: (617) 776-3466
Email: burren@burren.com

Check out their great site:!

Burren Bar


The Thatch Inn, Broughshane.

You've just climbed Slemish and you're hungry and thirsty. What do you do?

After all that fresh air you might like to drop in to a wee pub for some food or a drop ‘o the hard stuff.

Broughshane has won flower competitions for the most beautiful village for many years now. The Thatch Inn provides food and craic – check it's site out

The Thatch Inn


The Galway Races

Famous horse races held annually which go back to the middle of the 18th century. They were opened at Ballybrit on Tuesday August 17th 1869 and were a resounding success. The Galway races have become a meeting place for the rich and famous yet still attended by locals and tourists. Well worth the visit† an exciting day out! More details can be found at:

Galway Races


Dublin's St. Patricks Festival 2003

St. Patrick's Day is so good that in 2003 Dubliners are going to celebrate for a full week! The St Patrick's Festival will run from the 11th - 17th March with lots of free entertainment for all to enjoy. Experience street theatre, fireworks, music, exhibitions and even a treasure hunt.

More information can be found here:

St Patricks Festival 2003

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