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Irish Football Camps

If your kids fancy being the next Robbie Keane check out these football camps. For youngsters aged 7-18years. 1 week, 2-week, 3-week and weekend camps are held throughout the year in London, Ireland, Germany and Portugal with a Mobile Coaching Unit being used for other areas and countries. A whole new experience!

Football Camps



A great way to see the Burren in County Clare is by bike. This site offers a possible solution if you feel 'going it alone' is not for you:

Bike the Burren

Guided Tours from May 'til September every Saturday from 5pm.


Sport and Cork City.

Cork is also influential in the field of Sport. Long-distance runner, Sonia O'Sullivan was born in Cobh, County Cork, while Cork's hurley and camogie teams have won many titles in their histories. On July 13, 1998 a Tour de France (cycling) stage was held in Cork and Roy Keane (the Irish footballer who was asked to leave the World Cup this summer) hails from County Cork.


Bird watching on the shores of Strangford.

Winter is the time for bird watching at Strangford, when over 100 species can be spotted in a single day.

More information can be found at:

Bird Watching

Mark Mohan
Ards TIC
31 Regent Street
Co. Down
BT23 4AD
Tel: 01247 826846


Massachusetts Salutes Irish Writers.

Massachusetts celebrates its Irish Writers Series in March. The Boston Irish Tourism Association has released its Irish Writers Schedule for 2001.

Massachusetts Irish Site


O'Neill's Burren Painting Centre.

Situated in Lisdoonvarna. The courses begin at 10am and incompass capturing the beauty of the Burren on canvas. Caters for beginners to experienced artists.

Check out: Painting Course
for prices and more information.

Contact Information:
Tel: (353) 65 7074208 Fax: (353) 65 7074435 e-mail: isclo@indigo.ie


Go to a Hurley Match when in Cork.

If you are in Cork don't miss a 'hurley' match if you can help it. Hurling is like hockey but played mostly in the air with flat sticks, different goals and different rules. It's fast, furious and exciting to watch – all age groups are to be found at matches.


Surfing the waves in Northern Ireland.

If you want to surf in the sea in the North of Ireland head to Portrush in County Antrim. Many surfers can be found riding the waves here.

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