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Gormleys Art Gallery in Omagh.

Gormleys Art Gallery is situated in Omagh, Northern Ireland. The gallery is currently featuring work by Anne Marie McGaughey, Liam Reily, and Jo Tinney amongst others. To experience some of this work check out their site:

Gormleys Art Gallery, Omagh


Greengale Gallery Dingle.

Greengale Gallery in Dingle, County Kerry shows contemporary painting and sculpture by leading Irish artists. Go on - enter into another world!

Check out their site:

Greengale Art Gallery Dingle


Theodore Zimmerman

Theodore Zimmerman has painted some wonderful scenes depicting Irish life. Some of these can be viewed at:

Theo Zimmerman

My personal favourite is "On the beach, Ireland."
which was created in pastels.


Tara Brooch/Broach.

The Tara brooch is synonymous with the Celtic culture and tradition in Ireland. These beautiful brooches were worn to close capes or shawls. They are now worn as a stylish decorative piece of jewelry for any occasion. The original is kept at the National Museum in Dublin on Kildare Street in the city center.


Kinsale and Crafts.

The town of Kinsale (Co. Cork, Ireland) and its surrounding area boast many small craft shops and traditional craft workers† from the famous Kinsale Crystal to local pottery and silver. I highly recommend that you check out what Kinsale is famous for besides its wonderful food!

Detailed information can be found here:

Kinsale Art


Visiting Belleek

The Belleek pottery factory, producing the world renowned fine glazed Belleek porcelain, was established in 1857 and is Ireland's oldest pottery factory.

Situated in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, visitors can observe the firing, glazing and decorating of potteries by skilled craftsmen as well as learn how the delicate and intricate strands are woven together. The tiny petals, stems and twigs are created by hand and attached to vases and pots.

Location: Belleek
Tel: +44 (0) 13656 58501


Irish Art Online.

Irish art can be found in many places on the Internet. Artifact calls itself the largest database of Irish Art online with over 5,000 images that you can view.

I found the site quite difficult to browse through however.

Online Irish Art


David Fahy.

If you love landscapes then I suggest you take a look at the art work of David Fahy.

Some of his paintings can be found at:

David Fahy


The Kenny Art Gallery in Galway.

A wonderful sample of contemporary Irish art and sculpture can be found at The Kenny Art Gallery in Galway.

A list of artists currently exhibiting can be found at:

Kenny Art Gallery Galway

There is also information about past artists at this site.


Art Galleries in Dublin.

Art has always been important to the Irish and there are many galleries to choose from. Modern art, fine art and more can be found in Dublin and beyond.

A list of art galleries in Dublin including contact information can be found at this site:

Art Galleries Ireland

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