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Irish Television

Irish television is varied - the channels include RTE1, Ulster, BBC, and many more. A list of them can be found at:

Irish TV List

Read about how they started and what is currently showing.


Radio Cracker

Radio Cracker is a Christian-oriented radio station in Ballymena, County Antrim.

Their site is:

Radio Cracker


Clinton Centre Venue Still Undecided.

AUGUST 09 2001 DUBLIN: There is still no decision over the porposed location of Ireland's proposed new Clinton Centre for American Studies. The centre is the subject of bids by Limerick, UCD and others.

SOURCE: Higher Education Ireland


Waterfall - an Irish magazine.

The Tuar Mhic Eadaigh (Tourmakeady) Parish magazine Waterfall is available priced at Stú6 (US$18) including post and package. The Magazine is an 80 page publication full of news, views, history and photos.

You can order a copy by sending a cheque (Stú6, US$18) to:

Michael John Casey
County Mayo


Belfast Telegraph.

The Belfast Telegraph or the 'tele' to locals is the North of Ireland's premier newspaper. It can be accessed online at:

Belfast Tele

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