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Emohruo Bed + Breakfast, Doolin, Co. Clare

Another B+B in Doolin

The rate charged for bed and breakfast is as follows:
£19.00 (€24.13) per person sharing per night ensuite.
£17.00 (€21.59) per person sharing per night standard.
£6.50 (€8.25) single supplement per night.
25% Reduction for Children

Emohruo Bed & Breakfast is Open: 1st March - 1st November (Off season bookings by arrangement)



Castle Hostel, Ballycastle.

Situated in Ballycastle, gateway to the Glens of Antrim and the Giants Causeway is the beautiful Castle Hostel. Famous amongst backpackers for its friendliness and warmth and extremely good value for money! Open all year round.

More information can be found at their website:

Youth Hostel - Ballycastle



Burren Cove.

Bord Fáilte approved
4 Star self catering accommodation with stunning views over Galway Bay.

Check out their site for more information:

Burren Cove


Burren View Bed & Breakfast.

If you want to stay in a relaxing Bed & Breakfast while touring the Burren in County Clare - check this one out:

As the family say:

"The O'Conner family invite you to share their house and farm for the duration of your visit. Enjoy home cooking, comfortable accommodation, and sample fresh local produce.

Arrive as a visitor and leave as a friend."

For more information check out their site:
Burren View


Fishermans Rest Bed and Breakfast

Fishermans Rest Bed and Breakfast in Doolin, County Clare is a family-run business. The site also has a photo gallery† have a look† i4ll certainly put you in the mood to go!

Fishermans Rest


Staying in the Mountains of Mourne.

Lecale Cottages are situated right in the heart of the Mourne Mountains just 2 miles from the village of Rostrevor. The views of the mountains and sea are quite simply breathtaking.

The 7 whitewashed cottages are situated in a clachan around a ceili house where traditional music is often played. An ideal base for your holiday these cottages offer everything from comfort to barbeque facilities, walking trails and include a multitude of other activities. Costs from 140 pounds up to 500 pounds per week depending on which cottage you reserve and the season.

To read more about the cottages and obtain contact details check out their link:

Cottages - Mountains of Mourne


Ashford Castle.

Ashford Castle, situated in Co. Mayo, on the shores of Lough Corrib is THE place to stay if you want luxury. Even if you can't afford to stay, you can still walk among the 350 acres of wooded land surrounding the castle or take cruises on the lough. The boat will stop at an island where one of the oldest Church inscriptions in Europe are to be found carved into stone.


University Accommodation in Dublin.

If yo5re looking for somewhere to put your head down for the night in Dublin check out University Campus holiday accommodation:

UCD Blackrock Tel 706 8797
Trinity College (2) Tel 608 2358 Fax 671 1267 e-mail: Cards: VS/MC
Trinity Hall (Dartry Rd 6) Tel 497 1772
UCD Village (Bellfield 4) Tel 269 7111
Royal College of Surgeons Tel 478 0200
Dublin City University Tel 704 5736
St Patrick's College (Drumcondra) Tel 837 6191


Celebrate the New Year in style!

Abbeyglen Castle Hotel in Clifton, Connemara has 3 day specials for 349 pounds and they provide entertainment and gourmet cuisine. Go on† spoil yourself!

Contact details:
Abbeyglen Castle, 4****
Grade A, A.A. and Manor House Hotel
Sky Road, Clifden, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland
Telephone Clifden (095) 21201. Fax (095) 21797

Abbeyglen Castle


Stay in an Irish Castle

To fully experience an Irish Castle i4s a good idea to stay in one. Many have been renovated and make a wonderful, unique alternative to staying in a hotel. Check out this site for a list of castles and country houses all over Ireland that offer accommodation:

Stay in Irish Castle


Staying near the Giant's Causeway.

If you want to stay near the Giant's Causeway on County Antrim's northern coast - look no further. Ballylinny Cottages offer comfort and terrific views.

Full details can be found at this site:
Giant's Causeway

For more information you can always email them at:


Camping in Ireland.

ALL of my childhood holidays involved camping in various locations in Ireland. It remains the cheapest way to take the whole family on holiday and it is fun!

There are approximately 135 sites in Ireland and the
average daily rate for a tent pitch ranges from IR£11.00 upwards.

Here is a site to help you find the one for you. Just enter the name of the county you will be travelling to and a list should appear:


Just remember - when the storms blow start looking for some rocks - to keep the tent fixed to the ground of course :)


Burren Country Cottages.

"Traditional Irish Cottages situated at the edge of the Burren on McGraths family run dairy farm"

Check out this site for more information:

Irish Cottages

...which provides information on the area as well as more details about the accommodation. Reasonably priced cottages - cheaper if you take some friends with you :)

Contact information:
Your Hosts: Brian & Margaret McGrath
Oaghty, Kilfenora, Co. Clare.
Telephone: 065 7088134 Intl. Telephone: 353 657088134


Tourist Season in Ireland.

The tourist season in Ireland generally runs spring through fall. The busiest months are July and August. If you are going to be in Ireland during these months I'd advise you to book your accommodation well in advance to prevent disappointment.


Bono's Clarence Hotel in Dublin.

If you've heard talk that U2's Bono owns a hotel in Dublin, its true! Bono is the owner of the Hotel Clarence, on the River Liffey. Back in November, 2000, Bono held his father's 75th birthday party at the hotel.


Oughtdarra Self Catering Cottages, County Clare

Cottages for rent: 200 year old Thatch Cottage, Totally rebuilt in the Traditional Style.

Thatch Cottage to Rent


Youth Hostels - Cheap Accommodation - everytime!

Consider Youth Hostels when staying in Ireland.

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