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Poor Paddy He Work on the Railroad.

The Irish of the Union Pacific Railroad inspired the famous American folk song which was called "Poor Paddy, He Work On the Railroad."

One of the stanzas of this song is:
Then drill, my Paddies, drill-
Drill, my heroes, drill,
Drill all day, no sugar in your tay,
Working on the U.P. railway.


Irish Traditional Music Center.

If yo5re curious what the Irish put into their traditional music center, you can read it here:



Mountains of Mourne - the song!

You just have to know the words to the famous song "The Mountains of Mourne" - right? They're all here at this picturesque site:

Mountains of Mourne - the song


Music Festivals in Ireland.

There are literally hundreds of music festivals in Ireland which run all year round. A list of these can be found at: List of Irish Music Festivals


Traditional Music in Dublin.

If you love traditional Irish music visit O'Donoghue's on 15 Merrion Row just past St. Stephen's Green. You'll catch music, even impromptu music from the customers, most days and nights.



The Bodhrán is an Irish drum. The Irish word 'Bodhar' means deaf or haunting. The Bodhrán began as a skin tray used for drawing turf (peat) on the bogs.It stirs the spirit when played with the "tipper" or beater hitting the skin in a racing style while a hand presses the back of the skin to vary the tone.


The Rose of Tralee.

The "Rose of Tralee" is a legend that is based upon a true story. William Pembroke Muttanagh loved a young girl named Mary O'Connor. Because they were from different caste systems, they were unable to be together. William's parents sent him off to war. He returned home from war with the intention of asking Mary to marry him. Instead, he met up with her funeral procession. He wrote "The Rose of Tralee" for Mary.


Irish Music Magazine.

Irish music lovers must check out this Irish Music magazine:

Irish Music Magazine


Celtic Candy for the Ear.

Because Celtic music does not get much radio airplay in America, it is often difficult to make selections of Celtic CDs to buy. The best, most extensive and most complete source for Celtic music reviews (and other types of folk or military music) is Rambles Webzine ( reviews.html). Here, reviewers give qualified, honest and in-depth opinions on Celtic musical selections. An extensive variety of music is reviewed here, including traditional Celtic folk, Gaelic, bagpipe, Celtic fiddle, Irish rock, Irish folk, funerary, and modern Irish, to name a few.


Irish Music Bands.

There are many Irish music bands around the world playing everything from traditional Irish music to contemporary pop. A list of some of them can be found here:

Irish Music Bands

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