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Walk the Seafront at Carrickfergus.

Take a walk along the seafront before or after going to visit the Castle. The bracing sea breeze will certainly blow any cobwebs away! Just remember to wrap up warm when you visit Carrickfergus Castle and town - it can be chilly no matter what the time of year.


Ireland's Bastille

Dublin Castle enjoys the nickname of 'Ireland's Bastille'.


Check Opening Times

Before visiting a castle check the opening hours. You can find these on the Internet or through the local Tourist Board. There is nothing worse than making the effort to visit somewhere only to discover that it is closed once you get there.


The Seat of the High Kings.

The "High King" of Ireland would sit at Tara in the South of Ireland.


The Land of the Free.

The Irish Free State, forerunner of the modern Republic of Ireland, was officially proclaimed in 1922.


The Tribes of Galway

The Tribes of Galway were the 14 major families of English descent that once ruled the city of Galway. They included the Athy, Blake, Bodkin, Browne, Darcy, Deane, French, Joyce, Kirwan, Lynch, Martin, Morris, and Skerritt families.


Phone before you go visiting Dublin Castle.

Before visiting the castle check that it is not hosting a state function - during these times

the State Apartments are closed to the public though the castle is open.

Located: Behind City Hall, its entrance off Castle Street.
Open: All Year except 24-26 Dec and Good Friday.
Tel: (01) 6777129


Visiting Dunluce Castle

To fully experience Dunluce Castle make sure you go when i4s open! The opening hours vary depending on the time of year:

Oct-March: Tues-Sat 10am-4pm; Sun 2-4pm
Apr-Sept: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 2-6pm
July and August: Sun 12-6pm


Getting in to Slade Castle.

To get in to Slade Castle, Co. Wexford, you'll need the key! This can be obtained from the proprietor at Slade House.


Patrick Pearse.

Patrick Pearse was a principal figure in the 1916 Easter Rising - the fight for Irish Independence.


Visit Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle boasts a terrific view over the city. It is a fabulous building with sweeping gardens. It also has a restaurant and a gift shop. Enjoy!


Antrim Road
Belfast BT15 5GR
Northern Ireland

Tel: 44-28-9077-6925


The Ardagh Chalice.

The Ardagh Chalice, which dates from the 5th century, was found by a farmer out digging for potatoes near a west Limerick ring fort. It is said to be one of the finest specimens of Celtic Art existing today.

It stands at 7 inches high and can hold up to 3 pints of liquid. The chalice was probably used to administer the Mass wine to 5th century Christians. It is made of gold, bronze, brass, copper and lead and has a band running round the outside of the bowl engraved with the names of Christ's twelve apostles.


The Famine Years.

The Irish potato famine lasted for five years (1845 - 1850). The potato blight had first surfaced in North America in 1844 and then in Europe in 1845, but the Irish Famine was of the longest duration. As a result of the famine, nearly one quarter of Ireland's population died as a result of starvation, fever and disease.


Visit Newgrange.

When in Drogheda make sure that you visit Newgrange, Ireland's greatest prehistoric monument. Dated to around 3,200 BC it is older than Stonehenge in England and the great pyramids of Egypt. It is a Passage Grave, with decorative stone pillars leading to a passage and a 3 roomed-chamber. Newgrange is the focal point of the Boyne passage grave cemetery and is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims annually.


Cabra Castle

Cabra Castle, County Cavan is an excellent place to stay. A 3-star Irish Tourist Board-approved hotel situated in acres of wonderful gardens surrounded by natural beauty.

For more information check out their site:
Cabra Castle


Inauguration of Munster's Ancient Kings.

Inauguration of thee Kings of Cashel and Munster took place at the base of St. Patrick's Cross, a 12th century cross with animals engraved on one side and an image of the crucifixion on the other side. St. Patrick's Cross has always been housed in the Hall of the Vicars Choral at the Rock of Cashel, where it can be visited today.


Rock Concert at Slane Castle.

Slane Castle is an ideal place for a rock concert due to its landscape† a natural amphitheatre. 80,000 plus music lovers agree! They flock to Slane and brave the mud and elements annually.

For more information check out their site:
Slane Castle

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