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Secondary Schools in Ireland.

Ireland has many secondary schools - a list of which can be found at:

Irish Secondary Schools

They aren't all there - my old grammar school certainly isn't [I went to Cambridge House Girls School in Ballymena]. Secondary and Grammar schools are for teens aged 11-18.


Primary Schools in the South of Ireland.

If you are planning on moving to Ireland and are looking for Irish primary schools for your kids (aged 4-11) then have a look at this site:

Irish Primary Schools

It just might help you chose..


Burren College Of Art.

"The Burren College of Art offers today's art student the opportunity to study in a unique environment alongside top-ranking academics and artists. "

Study in a 16th Century Castle set in the stunning Burren region of Co. Clare.

Burren College


Dept. of Education for Northern Ireland.

This site provides details of education policies, schooling and more for Northern Ireland. Useful to have a peek at if you and your family are contemplating moving to Northern Ireland.

Education Policies Northern Ireland


Queens University of Belfast.

Queens University of Belfast is where I was educated. A high-quality university it maintains links with research centres all over the world.

The university has recently updated its site:

Queens University Belfast

and looks all the better for it!


Erin Go Bragh!

Erin go bragh means "Ireland Forever!" and is a very popular Irish slogan.


Experience the Irish Language being spoken.

Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry is the place to visit if you want to hear the natives speaking Gaelic. They will speak English to you - if reluctantly! All the road signs are in Gaelic so take a map with you when travelling - it's easy to lose your way!


The Basics of Blarney.

More than just the name of an Irish village, blarney also means smooth, flattering talk. Near synonyms include flattery, cajolery, sweet talk, fawning, and blandishment.


Irish Liquor Lingo.

When the Irish mention the word "off-license" they are talking about a liquor store.


UCC Develops New Surgical Instrument.

AUGUST 28 2001 CORK: A new surgical instrument, designed to facilitate chest surgery, has won this year's UCC (Univerity College Cork) Entrepreneurship competition. Four hospitals have signed up to test the new invention.

Read The Latest in Irish Research Here


Céad míle fáilte

Céad míle fáilte means 'A hundred thousand welcomes' and is used a great deal in Irish literature and tourist information.


Gaelic Speaking

Many of the people of Galway are Irish speakers and much of the Gaelic culture is preserved. Irish speaking can also be heard in many of the nearby towns and villages scattered throughout Connemara and on the Aran Islands.

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